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Manriki Chains, Tantos, Daggers, Kubatons, Kama, & more


This is the super cool stuff that doesn't fit neatly into another category.

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Ninja Kunai Knife Necklace

Add a kunai sneak weapon.

Tomahawk Staff of the Ninja

Three pieces that assemble together for over 70 inches of solid hardwood!

Fixed Blade Knuckle Guard Knife With Hidden Kunai

Just like the trench knives wielded by Asuma Sarutobi!

Foam Training Three Section Nunchuck Staff

Foam padding is safe to use for training and students.

Ninja Kubaton Dagger

A Tom Anderson exclusive!

Ninja Kubaton With Four Throwing Spikes

5.5" kubaton with 4 ninja throwing spikes and keyring. This 5.5" black kubaton is hollow on the inside and screws open. It comes with four 4" ninja spikes featuring pointed sharp tips. The kubaton has a key ring so you can easily take it anywhere.

Shadow of the Bat Dagger

Ridiculously sharp knife with bat throwers attached!

Steel Combat Fan

Tessenjutsu is the martial art of the Japanese war fan.

Wolverine X-Men Claw

Free display plaque included with this cool replica piece!

Black Legion Warrior Kama With Sheath

It's fierce and mean so it has to be Black Legion.

Ninja Warrior Tanto Knife

A tanto plus all sorts of hidden goodies!

Red Dragon Oriental Short Sword

Red dragon carving on the scabbard!

Three Section Nunchuck Staff

Three section black stainless steel nunchuck/staff. Can be used as three section nunchuck or screw together to form a staff. Overall length measures 6 feet long when screwed together.

Wushu Whip Chain

Competitive wushu is composed of two disciplines: taolu (套路; forms) and sanda (散打; sparring).