United Cutlery

For over twenty years United Cutlery® has been distinguished by their unique and innovative product designs that cover a wide range of knives and swords, from functional to fantasy.  United is well known for their movie prop replicas, fantasy collectibles, great selection of functional sport and utility knives, traditional samurai swords, and our unique designer knives and swords by Kit Rae and Gil Hibben. Often imitated, but never exceeded, United Cutlery® strives to make their knives and swords to the highest standards in the industry.

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Black Ronin Triple Bolt Throwing Knives

Triple the excitement with this three-piece Black Ronin Triple Bolt throwing knife set.

Gil Hibben Black Pro Throwing Axe

Use equipment designed by the professionals!

Lightning Bolt Triple Throwing Knife Set

Includes a fully adjustable shoulder harness!

United Black Ronin Throwing Star

Uniquely shaped shruriken by United Cutlery is two-tone black and chrome.
$9.99 $9.98

United Cutlery Black Ronin Ninja Sword

The Black Ronin Ninja Sword is named after the rogue samurai warriors who wandered without a master throughout Japan.

Gil Hibben Gen X Pro Throwing Axe

Designed by the master thrower himself, Gil Hibben!
$59.99 $57.98

Gil Hibben Pro Throwing Axe

Designed by Hall of Famer, Gil Hibben!

United Cutlery Foam Practice Nunchaku

These nunchakus are padded foam rubber covered PVC tube construction. Features steel caps and chain links. 12 3/4” overall

Pananandata Guide to Sport Blowguns

Own the latest and most comprehensive guide to blowguns, from the physics to the actual practice. This 109 page paperback book is written by Pananandata martial arts master and founder, Mat P. Marinas and is endorsed by United Cutlery. Book features full color detailed photos, diagrams, guides, and other information,