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Picture of United Shikyo Forged Ninja Katana 1045 Carbon Sword

United Shikyo Forged Ninja Katana 1045 Carbon Sword

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The United Black collection delivers another superior example of the Japanese katana. This is the Shikyo (Japanese for “death”) katana. This sword measures 43 1/8″ and features a mirror polished 29 1/2″ blade of heat-forged 1045 carbon steel with a heavy blood groove. The blade tang has an exclusive stamp that can only be found on a United Black sword blade. The Bushido Code’s seven virtues: rectitude, courage, benevolence, respect, honesty, honor and loyalty are laser etched on the blade. The hardwood handle offers black ray skin and custom leather wrap accented with brass menuki and a uniquely designed cast metal guard and pommel. The hardwood sheath features custom cloth cord wrapping coordinating with the handle. United Cutlery, UC2585.

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