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Silent but deadly... The blowgun, known as fukiya, was used to shoot darts (sometimes poisoned) at an enemy from a distance and, since it made almost no noise, the assassin Ninja’s hiding place wasn’t threatened by using this weapon. Aside from launching darts, the blowgun could be used as a snorkel while the Ninja was underwater. Since the fukiya was made of bamboo, it blended in with the reeds in the water, therefore enabling the Ninja to stay submerged for hours, if necessary.

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24" Ninja Cap Dart Blowgun

All bark and no bite!

36" Backpacker Blowgun

The new longer-range 36" Backpacker.

36" Ninja .40 Caliber Blowgun

A little extra length is always a good thing!

8 Point Spike Dart Quiver

This quiver holds eight spike darts and fits a .40 caliber blowgun.

8 Point Stun Dart Quiver

This quiver holds eight stun darts and fits a .40 caliber blowgun.

Blowgun Mouthpiece

This blowgun mouthpiece prevents the inhalation of darts and fits a .40 caliber blowgun.

Breakdown Coupling

Fit two blowgun pipes together to extend your range and power with this breakdown coupling.

Dart Guard

Keep the tips of your darts razor sharp with a dart guard.

Exploding Cap Darts

Our cap darts are .40 caliber with a plastic body, and will fit in a standard stun dart quiver. Their tips are specially designed to hold a cap, which contains a small amount of gunpowder. When it impacts a target, the gunpowder explodes with a loud crack. In the hands of a stealthy warrior, these will provide a very effective distraction at a safe distance. This set includes 25 darts and 144 caps.

Foam Grip

Add a foam grip for your blowgun comfort! It's soft and squishy and a great bargain when considering your ergonomic health.

Muzzle Guard with Peep Sight

Snipe out your target with a peep sight for the end of the blowgun.

Muzzle Guard with Peep Sight Glow in the Dark

Snipe out your target with a glow in the dark peep sight for the end of the blowgun.

Paintball Quivers and Six Tubes

Two quivers and six tubes to carry extra paintballs because there are never enough paintballs!

Foam Blowgun Target

This square blowgun target is made from 2″ thick self-healing air foam. Target area is 12″ x 12″.

Ninja Sword with Attached Blowgun

Options! Ninjas love options! To slice and cut or to puncture and poison, that is the question.