Fantasy Master

Fantasy Master is for the true collector and fantasy aficionado. Offering a wide variety of fantasy collectibles ranging from samurai swords to daggers to the truly outrageous conversation piece. Fantasy Master has been gracing offices, man caves and living rooms for many years!

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Chakra Blade Knuckle Guard Knife

Weapon of choice by Asuma Sarutobi!

Dragon's Pearl Throwing Knife Set

Cool dragon design and unique arced shape to boot!

Fantasy Master Dual Slasher Sword

Two short swords or one double-bladed menace!

Fantasy Master Fixed Blade Kama

Perfect for reaping zombies or your enemy of choice!

Fantasy Master Fixed Blade Trench Knife

Available in red or green, this knuckle guard knife comes complete with gut hook!

Fantasy Master Joker Throwing Card Set

Four piece stainless steel Jokers Wild throwing card set includes nylon carrying sheath. Dimensions are 3.75" x 2.25"

Fixed Blade Knuckle Guard Knife With Hidden Kunai

Just like the trench knives wielded by Asuma Sarutobi!

Ninja Kunai Knife Necklace

Add a kunai sneak weapon.

Ninja Warrior Throwing Cards

Watch out poker dogs, ninjas are in the house!

Ornamental Fixed Blade Tanto

Lightweight tanto fixed-blade knife features wooden handle, decorative hilt, and leather-like patterned sheath with belt buckle.
$14.99 $12.98

Serrated Ninja Sword with Two Kunai Throwers

Full tang black sword with two kunai knives included!

Ultimate Ninja Warrior Tanto Knife and Spikes

A true ninja warrior’s package!

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