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Naruto of the Hidden Leaf Gift Set

"I'm going to prove that in this world.. Heroes do exist!"

Naruto Shippuden Leaf Village Headband

Insignia of the Konoha Leaf Village

Naruto Shuriken Ninja Star Set

Three stars just like the three stars of Team Kakashi (Squad 7): Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura!

Naruto Shuriken Silver Throwing Star Set

Three stars just like the three stars of Team Asuma (Squad 10): Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji!

Naruto Shuriken Throwing Star

Shuriken of choice for the number one hyperactive, knucklehead ninja, Naruto!

Nine Inch Black Kunai Ninja Throwing Knife Set

This black kunai throwing knife set features three sharp stainless steel knives measuring 9" in length. Set comes complete with nylon pouch.

Red Kunai Ninja Throwing Knives

Very traditional looking high-end throwing kunai from Perfect Point.

Sasuke Sarutobi Knife

This is one HUGE anime knife you don't want to miss!

Set of 12 Kunai Ninja Throwing Knives

There's no such thing as too many kunai!

Sharingan Symbol Ninja Throwing Star Set

These shuriken display the Sharingan symbol of the Uchiha clan of the Hidden Leaf.

Tiger Steel Kunai Ninja Throwing Knives

The economy version of this classic ninja knife!

Uchiha Sharingan Hidden Leaf Necklace

The Uchiha were the Hidden Leaf village's most powerful clan, producing shinobi that were exceptionally talented and battle-oriented, and in possession of the renowned Sharingan.

Yondaime Anime Kunai With O Ring

Minato, the Yondaime Hokage, wielded a kunai such as this!