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Black Full Tang Ninja Sword

This all-black ninjato means serious business!

Sparring Foam Bokken Sword

Whomp the heck out of your friends and siblings without too much guilt!

Tomahawk Staff of the Ninja

Three pieces that assemble together for over 70 inches of solid hardwood!

Typhoon Triple Throwing Knife Set

This is the perfect throwing knife set for the ninja on the go.
$10.99 $9.98

Black Ninja Sword Set

Lots of extras included with this black bladed sword!

Draco Ninja Throwing Star Set

These are the perfect items for the Silent Warrior!

Black Chopper Throwing Star Set

From a military award with an ancient history to a symbol of motorcycle enthusiasm, the iron cross will always stand as an icon for coolness.

Tomahawk Warrior Throwing Star Set

The throwing stars in this 3 piece set are uniquely designed to provide the ultimate in accuracy and precision. Each throwing star features double points to ensure target penetration. Includes nylon sheath. 2 1/2″ in diameter. United Cutlery, XL1080.

4 Piece Samurai Ninja Throwing Knives Set

This set of throwing knives is convenient to carry and use anywhere!

2 Piece Dragon Ninja Sword Set

Stunning katana and wakizashi laser etched dragon set!
$74.99 $64.99

Black Ninja Sword

Black blade to camouflage the ninja into the night.

Futuristic Dual Ninja Daggers

Transformers, more than meets the eye. Three weapons in one!
$34.99 $29.99