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Ninja Accessories and Weapon Cases!


Arm Gauntlets, Caltrops, Targets, Nunchuck Cases & more


What do you get for the ninja who has it all? Accessories, of course! Protect your ninja weapons with cases designed specifically for each piece of ninja equipment. Get all the extra bells and whistles of ninja gear.

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Naruto Shippuden Leaf Village Headband

Insignia of the Konoha Leaf Village

Ninja Arm Gauntlets

Make your ninja get-up even more dangerous and intimidating with these ninja arm gauntlets!

Ninja Kunai Knife Necklace

Add a kunai sneak weapon.

Tonfa Carrying Case

Your tonfa can now have their own concealed carry! Store and protect your tonfa set with this black vinyl carrying case.

Black Legion Mini Ninja Neck Knife

This neck knife is just the right size to carry around your neck each day so that you are always protected!

Bullseye Dragon Throwing Target

The preferred target option over drywall!

Foam Blowgun Target

Make sure you always hit what you're aiming for with practice using this foam blowgun target!

Basic Nunchaku Kata Poster

Accessorize your dojo or practice workspace with this illustrative kata forms poster!