Largest Selection of Blowguns, Blowdart Guns, and Blowpipes!


Silent but deadly...


The blowgun, known as fukiya, was used to shoot darts (sometimes poisoned) at an enemy from a distance and, since it made almost no noise, the Ninja’s hiding place wasn’t threatened by using this weapon. Aside from launching darts, the blowgun could be used as a snorkel while the Ninja was underwater. Since the fukiya was made of bamboo, it blended in with the reeds in the water, therefore enabling the Ninja to stay submerged for hours, if necessary.

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12" Mini Ninja Stun Dart Blowgun

This blowgun may be small, but that just means it's more convenient!

18" Ninja .40 Caliber Blowgun

Still fits in a carry-on!

24" Ninja .40 Caliber Blowgun

The perfect size blowgun with bells and whistles to boot!

36" Backpacker Blowgun

The new longer-range 36" Backpacker.

36" Ninja .40 Caliber Blowgun

A little extra length is always a good thing!

Kid Safe-ish Ninja Gear Gift Set

Short of sticking your kid in a rubber room he's going to find some way to hurt himself. But here's our attempt at a kid safe-ish ninja gear gift set.

Ninja Blowgun Gift Set

Everything you need to get started in the ninja art of stealth assassination!

24" Backpacker Blowgun

The original 24" Backpacker.

24" Ninja Cap Dart Blowgun

All bark and no bite!

Ninja Sword with Attached Blowgun

Options! Ninjas love options! To slice and cut or to puncture and poison, that is the question.