Escrima and Batons

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Escrima Sticks, Convertible Eskrima Nunchucks, Hidden Daggers & more


Escrima nunchaku are like the transformers of ninja weaponry! Why settle for a single weapon when you can have two or even three at your fingertips? Screw your nunchuck halves together to form an escrima stick or baton!

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Black Foam Training Escrima

Need an escrima for training? Check out this one. A hollow plastic core is covered with 1/4 inch black foam. 26 inches long with a 1-1/4 inch diameter. Foam covering is accented by a printed gold dragon centered on the stick.

Cold Steel Escrima Stick

Even has the segmented rattan feel!

Hanbo-Jutsu Hardwood Short Staff Escrima

This Hanbo, literally translated to half-stick, measures 26 inches in length.

Aluminum Nunchaku Escrima

Our Aluminum Nunchaku Escrima is actually two weapons in one. It is a 12″ nunchaku that features a metal chain and ball bearing swivel that can be screwed together to form a 24″ escrima stick. This weapon is made from heavy duty aluminum and features a textured handle for a secure grip.

Black Hardwood Escrima Stick

This hardwood short staff is accented with inlaid two red stripes.

Hidden Dagger Nunchaku Baton

Three weapons in one - Nunchaku, Baton, and Dagger!

Zatoichi Hardwood Short Staff Hanbo Escrima

Lightweight, fast, and strong short staff!