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In almost any high-quality sword or fixed-blade knife, a portion of the blade extends past the guard (tsuba) and into the grip (hilt/tsuka) of the weapon. This part of the blade is used to fasten the grip securely to the rest of the blade, and is referred to as the tang. A blade is considered full tang when the tang extends through the entire length of the grip. Full tang swords offer solid construction and are designed to stand up to rigorous practical use.

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Black Legion 3-Piece Black Sword and Throwing Knife Set with Nylon Sheath

Full tang black and chrome ninjato with two throwing knives included!

Black Ninja Machete Set

Jason Voorhees, you’ve met your match with our black ninja machete in the hands of the deadliest night warrior.

Full Tang Flying Arrow Sword Set

Never go to a sword fight empty-handed!

Full Tang Ninja Katana Sword

This ninjato has been designed to give top performance at an incredible price!

Full Tang Twin Ninja Swords

Two is always better than one. Double the trouble!

Timber Wolf Full Tang Ninja Sword

This is a ninja sword with a hi-tech look and feel to it!

Tsunami Full Tang Ninja Sword

The slash of this sword is akin to the wave of a tsunami!

United Cutlery Black Ronin Ninja Sword

The Black Ronin Ninja Sword is named after the rogue samurai warriors who wandered without a master throughout Japan.

Ninja Necessities Gift Set

A little of everything to start off the shinobi experience.

Serrated Ninja Sword with Two Kunai Throwers

Full tang black sword with two kunai knives included!

ULTRAVIOLET Full Tang Triple Edged Sword With Display Stand

This sword makes a strong impression on everyone who holds it.

Ninja Sword with Set of 2 Kunai Throwers

This sword is an excellent value including kunai knives!

Red Guardian Ninja Sword

Sleek, dangerous, full-tang, and tactical! This sword comes with a distinct blade style.

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