Avenger Blowguns

Avenger Blowguns is a family owned business that has been making blowguns since 1994. Located in Richardson, TX, which is a suburb of Dallas, Avenger Blowguns acquires the best USA made parts from top manufacturers to make sure they make the best blowgun out there. The Avenger Blowgun staff consists of blowgun experts that hand fit all of the blowgun pieces together and use the highest quality parts and pipe which is finished off with the highest quality anodizing for a lifetime of enjoyment. 

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24" Backpacker Blowgun

The original 24" Backpacker.

24" Ninja .40 Caliber Blowgun

The perfect size blowgun with bells and whistles to boot!

24" Ninja Cap Dart Blowgun

All bark and no bite!

36" Backpacker Blowgun

The new longer-range 36" Backpacker.

36" Ninja .40 Caliber Blowgun

A little extra length is always a good thing!

8 Point Spike Dart Quiver

This quiver holds eight spike darts and fits a .40 caliber blowgun.

8 Point Stun Dart Quiver

This quiver holds eight stun darts and fits a .40 caliber blowgun.

Blowgun Mouthpiece

This blowgun mouthpiece prevents the inhalation of darts and fits a .40 caliber blowgun.

Blowgun Sling

The sewn loops of this blowgun sling won't scratch your blowgun while it leaves your hands free to throw knives or stars.

Breakdown Coupling

Fit two blowgun pipes together to extend your range and power with this breakdown coupling.

Dart Guard

Keep the tips of your darts razor sharp with a dart guard.

Exploding Cap Darts

Hit your target with a bang!

Foam Blowgun Target

Make sure you always hit what you're aiming for with practice using this foam blowgun target!

Foam Grip

Add a foam grip for your blowgun comfort! It's soft and squishy and a great bargain when considering your ergonomic health.

Muzzle Guard with Peep Sight

Snipe out your target with a peep sight for the end of the blowgun.