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Largest Selection of Ninja Practice Weapons and Training Equipment!


Wooden Diatos, Rubber Nunchucks, Foam Throwing Stars, & more


We can't all be Hattori Hanzo as soon as we lift a ninjato or nunchaku. Every pro was once an amateur. Every expert was once a beginner. So dream big and start now. And practice with ninja weapons and equipment that won't get you hurt.

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Black Foam Practice Daito Sword

In order to become a true master in marital arts, you must spend adequate time training.

Cold Steel Black Training Daito

Originally designed to imitate a live blade without the possibility of causing permanent injury.

Cold Steel Wakizashi Bokken Sword

Cold Steel’s wakizashi bokken is a great training device for martial arts and sword enthusiasts.

Red Daito Practice Sword

Red hardwood 40" training boken with wrapped handle for beginners and practitioners alike.

Sparring Foam Bokken Sword

Whomp the heck out of your friends and siblings without too much guilt!

United Cutlery Foam Practice Nunchucks with Rope

Great for mastering all the kata forms!

Basic Nunchaku Kata Poster

Accessorize your dojo or practice workspace with this illustrative kata forms poster!

Black Foam Training Escrima

Need an escrima for training? Check out this one. A hollow plastic core is covered with 1/4 inch black foam. 26 inches long with a 1-1/4 inch diameter. Foam covering is accented by a printed gold dragon centered on the stick.

Classic Style Rubber Ninja Throwing Star

All ninjas start with the basics!

Rubber Ninja Throwing Star Set of 3

Three unique shuriken designs. All of the fun with none of the danger!

Cold Steel O Tanto Bokken

Great close contact combat training tanto!