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Positive feedback is so good to hear.  In this day of shopping online superior service is expected.  We're often prompted to rate the quality of the product we purchased or rate the quality of the service we received but we're often too busy to take the time.  Some of our customers have emailed us with their feedback without prompting and we are very proud of what they have to say.  We love hearing that we're doing a good job and want to share it here with you!


On 5/2/2016, Jiri from the Czech Republic said:
Today the goods has arrived and I just want to thank you for an easy and pleasant transaction. Everything was absolutely perfect! Goods is as described, undamaged, fast shipping well I am fully satisfied. If I can leave my possitive feedback for you just let me know how and where and I am going to do it. From now I am your happy custommer and I am sure we are going to do another bussiness soon.


On 2/15/2015, Jose from Brockton, MA, said:
I just want to thank you for a wonderful product and say I'm very happy and will be shopping again soon!!!


On 4/6/2014, Dan from Denmark, Europe, said:
It is a pleasure doing business with you even as an international customer. Well done!


On 2/20/2014, Andrew from Binghampton, NY, said:
Just received my order of throwing starts today. Got a chance to use them and love them. Will be ordering much more later on. Thank you very much.


On 10/28/2013, Kelly from Marion, NC, said:
Thank you! I called them Friday and it was delivered Saturday. Thank you for your help. My son loves the gear!


On 9/19/2013, Shane from Ames, IA, said:
I ordered two sets of throwing knives and first off I have to say I love them. The shipping was incredible fast. I ordered them two days apart and they arrived one right after the other. Second the knives themselves are great. They are well balanced, sharp, and deadly accurate. I love using them and am extremely happy. I look forward to ordering from you again.


On 9/7/2013, Dakota from Pilot Point, TX, said:
Very satisfied with my batarangs. Shipping was superb and quick! Communication was great! Thank you!!


On 8/5/2013, Adrieanne from Fayettville, NC, said:
I was very happy with the quality of everything & service I received! You guys are awesome!!!


On 5/31/2013, Sally from Rockford, MI, said:
Thanks for your prompt shipping....I was able to give them to my son for his birthday last night and he loved them!


On 5/15/2013, Adam from Santa Rosa, CA, said:
I ordered an item from you guys about a week and a half ago. I called for an order update and you responded very quickly. The order was also sent out very quickly too. I just wanted to say thank you for the great service. Awesome!


On 5/12/2013, Kent from Carterville, IL, said:
Thank you good to do business with someone who cares to do it right.


On 4/5/2013, Christian from Austria said:
I have the Ninja Stars today receive. Thank you very much. I am very happy.


On 12/28/2012, Lisa from St Claire, MI, said:
Great job getting this to us by Christmas.... my son loved them.


We do our very best here at to get things right every time.  Alas we are mere humans and mistakes, albeit sleldomly, are made.  We work hard to make things right as quickly as possible.  Here are some comments from customers who called in with a problem.


On 12/16/2012, Baker from Marion, AR, said:
Incredible customer service and fast delivery! Thanks!