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Ninja Accessories and Weapon Cases!


Arm Gauntlets, Caltrops, Targets, Nunchuck Cases & more


What do you get for the ninja who has it all? Accessories, of course! Protect your ninja weapons with cases designed specifically for each piece of ninja equipment. Get all the extra bells and whistles of ninja gear.

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Ninja Arm Gauntlets

Make your ninja get-up even more dangerous and intimidating with these ninja arm gauntlets!

Ninja Kunai Knife Necklace

Add a kunai sneak weapon.

Ninja Star Zipper Pull Accessory

Attach to your duffle bag, your nunchuck case, your keys, or even hang from the review mirror of your car!

Nunchaku Storage Case with Zipper Closure

A must have accessory for your nunchaku!

ProForce Sai Carrying Case

Stick 'em, zip 'em, and take 'em where you wanna go!

Sai Keychain

Who needs a rabbit's foot or an alma mater pendant when you can have a ninja sai on your keychain!

Sword Cleaning Kit

Keep it so shiny your enemy will see his reflection just before...

Universal Leather Sword Frog

Easily manage two swords with this twin blade shoulder harness!

Universal Shoulder Harness Sword Sheath

Keep your sword protected and portable!

Black Sharingan Necklace

The Uchiha were the Hidden Leaf village's most powerful clan, producing shinobi that were exceptionally talented and battle-oriented, and in possession of the renowned Sharingan.

Bullseye Dragon Throwing Target

The preferred target option over drywall!

Czech Camouflage Netting

Now you see it, now you don't.
$54.99 $49.98

First Hokage's Crystal Gem Necklace

The First Hokage's necklace was the necklace worn by Naruto Uzumaki. It was made from a special "Crystal Gem" and was once worn by the First Hokage. If it was to be sold, three mountains containing gold mines could be bought with the profits.

Foam Blowgun Target

Make sure you always hit what you're aiming for with practice using this foam blowgun target!

Hidden Leaf Kunai and Shuriken Necklace

Show your Hidden Leaf pride with your own miniature kunai and ninja star!