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These products are no longer available from the manufacturer and/or has chosen to no longer stock the product for sale.


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Hydra Triple Dragon Throwing Star

This thrower is ready for you to put into action! Features one-piece stainless steel construction with unique tri-blade design. Includes a nylon carry pouch with wide belt loop. 3/4″ blade. 5 1/2″ overall. Paul Ehlers Design.

Iron Cross Ninja Star Set

These throwers will definitely leave their mark on a target. Each is a Chopper design crafted from solid stainless steel with a black finish and individual white design. Set includes nylon carrying pouch. 3 x 3.

Lacerta Ninja Throwing Star Set

Try not to be lacerated by these flying Lacerta ninja stars!

Large Chinese Throwing Star Set

“Long, Ren, TaJI, BaGua”

Lucky Charm Ninja Throwing Star Set

Lucky for you there are three in a set. Not so lucky for your victim that they are seriously sharp!

Naruto Shuriken Ninja Star Set

Three stars just like the three stars of Team Kakashi (Squad 7): Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura!

Naruto Shuriken Silver Throwing Star Set

Three stars just like the three stars of Team Asuma (Squad 10): Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji!

Naruto Shuriken Throwing Star

Shuriken of choice for the number one hyperactive, knucklehead ninja, Naruto!

Ninja 2000 Tri-Star Throwing Star

This Ninja 2000 fantasy throwing stars are constructed from solid stainless steel and feature folding blades. Each piece is perfectly balanced for precision throwing. Futuristic designs and modern technology combine to create the ultimate in knife throwing!

Ninja Moon Throwing Star Set

This set of 3 Ninja Moon shuriken comes with a black, chrome, and gold star. The Ninja Moon throwers also come with a carrying pouch.
$13.99 $12.98

Ninja Throwing Star

Eight point throwing star measures 4 1/4″ in diameter.
$4.99 $4.98

Ninja Warrior Throwing Star Set

Three piece black stainless steel 2.5" throwing stars with free carrying pouch.

Paul Ehlers Tri-Blade Ninja Throwing Star

The Tri-Blade Ninja Throwing Star by famous designer, Paul Ehlers, is 5.25" in diameter and sports three black stainless steel blades. Includes nylon pouch. PE618

Poison Ivy Ninja Throwing Star

As toxic as Ivy's kiss, this super sharp star will cut down your enemy! Look out, Batman... Two-toned ninja star features three sharp points and a 3.5" diameter. Pouch included.

Red Chopper Throwing Star Set

You'll have your hands full with these chopper stars. Set of two shuriken, each measuring 3.5" in diameter. Free carrying pouch included.
$12.99 $11.98

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