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These products are no longer available from the manufacturer and/or has chosen to no longer stock the product for sale.


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Shinobi Pro Ninja Throwing Star Set

Set of four ninja stars: 4, 5, 6, and 7 sharp points.

Shrike Weighted Ninja Throwing Star

Why Shrike? Like the Shrike, or butcher bird, these stars can seriously impale!
$14.99 $13.98

Six Point Chinese Throwing Star Set

Each star features a Chinese symbol: Tolerance, Royalty, and Violence.

Spade Ninja Throwing Star

This 5 point Spade ninja throwing star is weighted for better results. Made of top quality 440 stainless steel. Comes with a nylon case. Measures 3.5″.
$9.99 $7.98

Spear Point Ninja Star Set

3 piece ninja throwing star set. Each has been constructed from 440 black anodized steel with satin finish with a hole in the center. 8 points , 4 small points and 4 big points. includes a black nylon case Velcro closeure and a snap. The sheath includes a belt loop for an easier carrying. Set includes 3 stars.

Spider Web Ninja Throwing Star

The black Spider Web thrower measures 5 3/4" overall, is constructed from 440 stainless steel blades, and includes nylon pouch.
$9.99 $6.98

Tomahawk Warrior Throwing Star Set

The throwing stars in this 3 piece set are uniquely designed to provide the ultimate in accuracy and precision. Each throwing star features double points to ensure target penetration. Includes nylon sheath. 2 1/2″ in diameter. United Cutlery, XL1080.

Triple Action Bat Throwing Stars Set of 3

Looks just like the real thing!

Typhoon Ninja Throwing Star

Exceptional star with a heavy center weight for balance. Very professional.

United Black Ronin Throwing Star

Uniquely shaped shruriken by United Cutlery is two-tone black and chrome.
$9.99 $9.98

Yin Yang Throwing Star

The Yin Yang symbol represents the ancient Chinese understanding of how things work.
$4.99 $4.98

4 Piece Samurai Ninja Throwing Knives Set

This set of throwing knives is convenient to carry and use anywhere!

Angry Dragon Throwing Knife Set & Target

Less walking and more throwing with this 12 pack of throwing knives AND exclusive dragon themed target with custom original artwork.
$44.99 $43.98

Black Dart Throwing Spike Set

Take down your target at a distance! This three-piece dart set allows you to deal with any opponent from safe range.

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