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These products are no longer available from the manufacturer and/or has chosen to no longer stock the product for sale.


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Serrated Blade Black Neck Knife With Sheath

Six inch long neck knife always at the ready! Sheath hangs from a black ball chain necklace. Easy to conceal underneath your shirt.
$8.99 $7.98

Shadow of the Bat Dagger

Ridiculously sharp knife with bat throwers attached!

Silver Cross Thrower

The Silver Cross Thrower sports an intricate pattern of stainless steel layers and punched nail head style. This thrower measures 7.5" overall length, 3.5" overall width, and features 1.5" long blades. This throwing knife weighs 2.8 ounces. The Silver Cross Thrower includes a nylon carrying/storage pouch with a belt loop.
$12.99 $11.98

Silver Wings Throwing Knife Set

These knives are made from 440 stainless steel and are 5″ in overall length. Set of three also comes with nylon sheath.
$11.99 $9.98

Skyhawk Throwing Knife Set

These knives slice through the air with the grace of a diving hawk!
$14.99 $13.98

Tassels of Terror Throwing Knives

Red tassels adorn this stainless steel two piece throwing knife set. 5" overall length, includes nylon sheath with forearm strap
$8.99 $5.98

Tiger Steel Kunai Ninja Throwing Knives

The economy version of this classic ninja knife!

Typhoon Triple Throwing Knife Set

This is the perfect throwing knife set for the ninja on the go.
$10.99 $9.98

Flashy Dragon Nunchaku

These 12" nunchucks are loud and proud with a stunning colorful dragon design and thread wound handles!

Martial Arts Acrylic Nunchaku

These nunchaku are impact resistant and feature transparent acrylic construction with a monochrome martial artist image. The 11 7/8" handles are topped with steel caps and are connected with stainless steel chain links.

No More Mr. Nice Nunchaku

This Martial Arts Nunchaku features a uniquely designed shaft. It combines the power of steel and wood. The bottom of the handle is the metal part fixed into the middle wood piece. Then followed from the wood is the upper part which is also steel. The wooden shaft has black Bruce Lee inscriptions. The two parts are linked with an 8 inch steel chain. It also includes a leather pouch with Japanese inscriptions. Each shaft measures 13 inches.

Red Foam Nunchaku with Chain

Features a gold printed martial artist image.

Steel Nunchaku Nightstick

More than meets the eye! The ends of the two stainless steel handles of this nunchaku are threaded so that one can be screwed into the other, transforming this already-impressive weapon into a rock-solid baton of pain. Each handle measures 10.75 inches, and they combine to form a 21.5-inch nightstick.
$15.99 $14.98

Telescopic Ninja Nunchaku

13" aluminum telescopic nunchucks come in chrome and black.
$22.99 $14.98

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