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These products are no longer available from the manufacturer and/or has chosen to no longer stock the product for sale.


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Futuristic Dual Ninja Daggers

Transformers, more than meets the eye. Three weapons in one!
$34.99 $29.99

GI JOE Storm Shadow Katana Sword Damascus

Be a real American ninja hero with this amazing licensed replica katana damascus sword!

HEROES Sword of Hiro Nakamura

This Kensei sword is the key to focusing your ability... maybe not for time travel though!

Masahiro Hand Forged Ninja Sword

Masahiro master sword-smiths use hundreds of years of tradition.

NINJA GAIDEN Sigma Katana Sword

The sword of Ryu Hayabusa!

Paintball Quivers and Tubes

Two quivers and four tubes to carry extra paintballs because there are never enough paintballs!

Red Guardian Ninja Sword

Sleek, dangerous, full-tang, and tactical! This sword comes with a distinct blade style.

Revenge 2 Piece Sword Set

Revenge comes in a tidy sheath these days. Just add vengeance.

SAO Anime Fantasy Sword

It's huge, it's heavy, and really... who doesn't want to be Kirito?

Shadow Before the Storm Ninja Sword With White Scabbard

Perhaps a real hero among Americans...

Shinobi Runner Ninja Sword

Ninja sword and hidden tanto in one!
$54.99 $49.99

Shinwa Purple Knight Ninja Katana Damascus Sword

Head into battle wielding the purple people eater!

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