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Don't know what to buy your favorite ninja? Look no further! Find gift sets of various ninja items packaged together for your convenience and feel confident knowing that you've covered the bases with your gift because you relied on the ninja experts at

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Ninja Climbing Gear Gift Set

Essential ninja climbing gear in one convenient package!

Ninja Necessities Gift Set

A little of everything to start off the shinobi experience.

Ninja Throwing Knife Gift Set

Practice makes perfect!

Bat Gear Gift Set

All the best Bat Gear in one tidy gift set! Includes bat throwers, a throwing axe, a dagger, and arm gauntlets.

Kid Safe-ish Ninja Gear Gift Set

Short of sticking your kid in a rubber room he's going to find some way to hurt himself. But here's our attempt at a kid safe-ish ninja gear gift set.

Naruto Gift Set

"I'm not gonna run away and I never go back on my word, that is my nindō! My ninja way!"

Naruto of the Hidden Leaf Gift Set

"I'm going to prove that in this world.. Heroes do exist!"

Ninja Blowgun Gift Set

Everything you need to get started in the ninja art of stealth assassination!

Ninja Nunchuck Gift Set

Nunchaku of your choice, storage case, and zipper pull accessory.

Perfect Point Flying Dragon Throwing Knife Set & Target

Less walking and more throwing with this 6 pack of throwing knives AND dragon themed target.

Zombie Genocide Gift Set

The perfect addition to your zombie survival arsenal!

Shinobi Ninjutsu Stealth Ninja Uniform Gift Set

The complete ninja uniform from head to toe in one tidy package!

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