Largest Selection of Sai Ninja Weapons!


Stainless steel ninja sai with excellent craftsmanship and perfect balance


The sai was a three-pronged dagger. The middle prong was longer than the two on either side. It could be used as a stabbing weapon or to block and disarm a swordsman.

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Deluxe Octagon Sai

Balanced and superior sai set! Choose chrome or black.

ProForce Sai Carrying Case

Stick 'em, zip 'em, and take 'em where you wanna go!

Rubber Training Sai

Constructed of flexible rubber, these rubber sai are a perfect practice weapon for demonstrating your weapons proficiency while reducing the chance of injury. Each sai measures 19-1/2" long and weighs approximately 5 oz. Sold in pairs.

Sai Keychain

Who needs a rabbit's foot or an alma mater pendant when you can have a ninja sai on your keychain!