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Largest Selection of Ninja Throwing Axes, Masa-Kari, and Ninja Ono!


Military Combat Axe, Black Ronin Tomahawk, Black Bat Fantasy Throwing Axe, & more


Ono () (masa-kari) is the Japanese word for an "axe" or a "hatchet", and is used to describe various tools of similar structure. As with axes in other cultures, ono are sometimes employed as weapons. The weapon version of the ono is described as having "a very large head with a very convex cutting edge and a large scroll-shaped peen opposite it. It has a sheath covering only the edge of the blade.

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Black Ronin Fantasy Gothic Throwing Axe & Sheath

Take your throwing skills to the next level with this Black Ronin Fantasy Gothic Throwing Axe!

Black Ronin Magnum Axe with Sheath

Named after the infamous Ronin, the rogue masterless samurai warriors.

Gil Hibben Black Pro Throwing Axe

Use equipment designed by the professionals!

Kit Rae Black Jet Throwing Axe with Sheath

Full tang Kit Rae throwing axe!

Zombie Killer Skullsplitter Throwing Axe

Preparedness is close to Godliness. Or was that cleanliness? Either way, this throwing axe is the perfect addition to your "when the day comes" arsenal.

Ace in the Hole Throwing Axe

You can't go wrong with this one up your sleeve!

Black Bat Fantasy Throwing Axe

Make short work of your target with this flying double-bladed bat-shaped axe!

Black Ronin Tomahawk with Sheath

Unlike cheap imitations, this Black Ronin blade is built to the highest quality standards.

Black Splash Bat Fantasy Throwing Axe

Double-bladed head, flashy bat splash design, fitted sheath. This axe is awesome!

Hawk's Crest Ninja Throwing Axe

Just like its namesake, it carves a path of terror toward its prey.

M48 Camp Hawk With Sheath

You can't go wrong with United Cutlery's M48 products!

Military Combat Throwing Axe

They say that good things come in small packages, right? This little axe certainly holds true to the adage.

Scary Skull Head Throwing Axe

The flaming skull head emblem on it lets you know this is one wicked axe!

Tomahawk Survival Axe

You never know when you're going to need such a versatile axe.