Black Legion

Black Legion Knives, Tools, and Weapons - A survival based knife brand from United Cutlery.

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Biohazard Ninja Throwing Stars 3pc Set

Danger, Will Robinson, danger! These Biohazard shuriken are sure to make a mess wherever they stick! Set of three stars includes carrying pouch.
$17.99 $16.98

Black Legion Death Rider Machete

This is one fierce machete with its jagged blade design!

Black Legion Ninja Machete & Throwing Knife Set With Sheath

Full tang black and chrome machete with two throwing knives included!

Black Legion Throwing Axe

This throwing axe from Black Legion really is one savage thrower!

Black Legion Warrior Kama With Sheath

It's fierce and mean so it has to be Black Legion.

Black Legion Knuckle Guard Fixed Blade Trench Knife

With Black Legion, you'll always be prepared for the next zombie horde, whether you're huddled in the trenches or hiding out at home.
$14.99 $13.98

Black Legion Ninja Fantasy Sword & Throwing Knife Set

Full tang black and chrome sword with two throwing knives included!
$34.99 $33.98

Black Legion Stealth Ninja Tanto

Slash away with ninja stealth and prowess with this powerful full-tang tanto blade, only from Black Legion.