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This is the super cool stuff that doesn't fit neatly into another category.

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Black Raven Blowgun Knife Combo

It's a knife! No, it's a blowgun! No, it's super-combo!

Claw Spikes With Wrist Sheath Bracer

This wrist bracer doubles as a bracelet sheath for three black claw spikes!

Cold Steel FGX Battle Ring

Cold Steel's best high-tech and light-weight knives. Keep one in every room of the house!

Cold Steel FGX Push Blade II

Black as a moonless night, silent as the graveā€¦

Dragon Knife Ring

This isn't your mother's friendship ring!

Ninja Double Blade Kubaton

Double the trouble!

Ninja Kubaton Dagger

A Tom Anderson exclusive!

Ninja Tashibishi Caltrops

Sabotage your pursuers with ninja caltrops which always land with a spike up!

Serrated Blade Black Neck Knife With Sheath

Six inch long neck knife always at the ready! Sheath hangs from a black ball chain necklace. Easy to conceal underneath your shirt.
$8.99 $7.98

Steel Combat Fan

Tessenjutsu is the martial art of the Japanese war fan.


Great for performing kata! Made of a quality hardwood, our tonfas are rounded and taper at the ends. 20" length. Sold as a pair.

United Cutlery Undercover Twin Push Daggers

Offering a compact size and discreet carry options, Undercover push daggers are easy to conceal and offer powerful personal protection that won't let you down.The ultimate defender set!

Black Dragon Naginata

Due to its massive height, the naginata was the weapon of choice for battle against horseman and swords.