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Black Foam Training Escrima

Need an escrima for training? Check out this one. A hollow plastic core is covered with 1/4 inch black foam. 26 inches long with a 1-1/4 inch diameter. Foam covering is accented by a printed gold dragon centered on the stick.

Claw Spikes With Wrist Sheath Bracer

This wrist bracer doubles as a bracelet sheath for three black claw spikes!

Cold Steel O Tanto Bokken

Great close contact combat training tanto!

Foam Training Three Section Nunchuck Staff

Foam padding is safe to use for training and students.

Hanbo-Jutsu Hardwood Short Staff Escrima

Don't blink or you'll miss it!

Manriki Chain

Easy to carry, hard to survive!

Ninja Assassin Kyoketsu-Shoge Knife

Raizo's weapon from the movie Ninja Assassin!

Ninja Tashibishi Caltrops

Sabotage your pursuers with ninja caltrops which always land with a spike up!

Serrated Blade Black Neck Knife With Sheath

Six inch long neck knife always at the ready!
$8.99 $7.98

Steel Combat Fan

Tessenjutsu is the martial art of the Japanese war fan.