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Largest Selection of Ninja Weapons & Other Great Ninja Stuff!

Manriki Chains, Tantos, Daggers, Kubatons, Kama, & more

This is the super cool stuff that doesn't fit neatly into another category.

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Ultimate Ninja Warrior Tanto Knife and Spikes

A true ninja warrior’s package!

Kama Set

Punctuation with an attitude!

Manriki Chain

Easy to carry, hard to survive!

Ninja Double Blade Kubaton

Double the trouble!

Ninja Warrior Tanto Knife

A tanto plus all sorts of hidden goodies!

Futuristic Dual Ninja Daggers

Transformers, more than meets the eye. Three weapons in one!

Dragon Knife Ring

This isn't your mother's friendship ring!

Ninja Assassin Kyoketsu-Shoge Knife

Raizo's weapon from the movie Ninja Assassin!