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These products are no longer available from the manufacturer and/or has chosen to no longer stock the product for sale.


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Biohazard Ninja Throwing Stars 3pc Set

Danger, Will Robinson, danger! These Biohazard shuriken are sure to make a mess wherever they stick! Set of three stars includes carrying pouch.
$17.99 $16.98

Black Chopper Throwing Star Set

From a military award with an ancient history to a symbol of motorcycle enthusiasm, the iron cross will always stand as an icon for coolness.

Black Ronin Twelve Point Throwing Star

Take your throwing skills to the next level with this Black Ronin™ Twelve Point throwing star from United Cutlery®. Crafted of solid stainless steel with a black baked on finish, this throwing star measures 4 ½” across at its largest points. The points are razor sharp and ready for action. Includes nylon sheath with belt loop.
$10.99 $10.98

Butterfly Ninja Stars Set

Butterfly Ninja Stars by Paul Ehlers. Set of 2 butterfly Ninja Stars 1 black anodized and 1 silver 3 3/4″ overall. 440 stainless steel and includes pouch Heavy Duty Nice Set Great Quality. Razor Sharp!!

Casino Poker Chip Ninja Star Set

These cool shuriken are constructed from 2 real pokers chips combined with surgical steel blades making this a very unique thrower. Both edges of each blade are very sharp. Diameter measures 2.5" across. Comes with a black nylon carrying case.

Diamond Plate Chopper Throwing Star Set

Chopper symbol on a diamond plate background design makes this four piece ninja star set unique. Shuriken measure 2 1/2" diameter. Includes free nylon carrying pouch.

Dorado Ninja Throwing Star Set

These Dorado shuriken take their name from The Swordfish constellation and fly through the air like tiny swords!

Dragon's Eye Ninja Throwing Star Set

The dragon's eye is a well known symbol of protection and these triangular stars are crafted in their likeness.

Fantasy Bat Throwing Star Set of 2

Eight serious inches of flying bat fury!

Hydra Triple Dragon Throwing Star

This thrower is ready for you to put into action! Features one-piece stainless steel construction with unique tri-blade design. Includes a nylon carry pouch with wide belt loop. 3/4″ blade. 5 1/2″ overall. Paul Ehlers Design.

Iron Cross Ninja Star Set

These throwers will definitely leave their mark on a target. Each is a Chopper design crafted from solid stainless steel with a black finish and individual white design. Set includes nylon carrying pouch. 3 x 3.

Large Chinese Throwing Star Set

“Long, Ren, TaJI, BaGua”

Naruto Shuriken Throwing Star

Shuriken of choice for the number one hyperactive, knucklehead ninja, Naruto!

Ninja 2000 Tri-Star Throwing Star

This Ninja 2000 fantasy throwing stars are constructed from solid stainless steel and feature folding blades. Each piece is perfectly balanced for precision throwing. Futuristic designs and modern technology combine to create the ultimate in knife throwing!

Ninja Warrior Throwing Star Set

Three piece black stainless steel 2.5" throwing stars with free carrying pouch.