New products

14 Inch Hardwood Ninja Nunchaku with Rope

Octagonal hardwood strung together with a durable nylon cord makes these nunchakus great for beginners learning how to handle wood chucks.

Compass Rose Ninja Shuriken Set

This 4 point professional throwing star set is built for maximum penetration. This shape is typical of the ninja stars used by the real ninjas in feudal Japan. Made of stainless steel, these stars measure 4 inches in diameter. Comes with a FREE nylon belt-strap carrying case.

Gil Hibben Competition Throwing Knife Triple Set With Leather Sheath

Pick up a set of these top-notch throwing blades by master knife maker Gil Hibben today!

Rigel Shuriken Ninja Star Set

Black, chrome, and titanium Rigel eight-point stars all in one pouch!

Paintball Quivers and Six Tubes

Two quivers and six tubes to carry extra paintballs because there are never enough paintballs!

United Cutlery Undercover Black Magnum Push Dagger

Offering a compact size and discreet carry options, this push dagger is easy to conceal and offers powerful personal protection that won't let you down.

Set of 12 Kunai Ninja Throwing Knives

There's no such thing as too many kunai!

24" Ninja Cap Dart Blowgun

All bark and no bite!

Sasuke Sarutobi Knife

This is one HUGE anime knife you don't want to miss!

Black Ronin Samurai Sword with Shoulder Scabbard

The Black Ronin Samurai Sword is named after the rogue samurai warriors who wandered without a master throughout Japan.

M48 Camp Hawk With Sheath

You can't go wrong with United Cutlery's M48 products!

SOG Throwing Hawks Three-Pack Set

Only retrieve 'em after three throws with this set of three SOG throwing axes!

Tomahawk Staff of the Ninja

Three pieces that assemble together for over 70 inches of solid hardwood!

Ridge Runner 24 Piece Throwing Knife Assortment

Twenty-four throwing knives in four different designs. No tough decisions required!

Basic Nunchaku Kata Poster

Accessorize your dojo or practice workspace with this illustrative kata forms poster!